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North Korea , Monday 30 March 2020

News North Korea Rason: Prices stable but visitors see some gas stations shut in North Korea

Published on: Wednesday 25 September 2019
Prices stable but visitors see some gas stations shut in North Korea
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Some of North Korea's state-run petrol stations are restricting sales or appear to have closed, visitors said on Wednesday, ahead of a U.N. Security Council meeting to discuss tougher sanctions on the isolated state that could include curbs on oil imports. "I've noticed a few (state-owned

News North Korea Rason: Six North Koreans rescued after ship sinks near Russia

Published on: Monday 24 June 2019
Six North Koreans rescued after ship sinks near Russia
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South Korea's coast guard said Monday some of the crew of ... a 26,000-ton vessel that happened to be passing through an area about 288 miles east of the North Korean port city of Rason, Yonhap ...

News North Korea Rason: Billions in the Ground: The Race to Harvest North Korea's Rare Earth Reserves

Published on: Monday 01 April 2019
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Four specific regions in North Korea could be considered national priorities—Rason, Unjong, Wonsan and Sinuiju. These zones, with a variety of intended functions and ostensibly foreign-friendly ...

News North Korea Rason: Michael Spavor and North Korea: Bringing people together

Published on: Monday 29 April 2019
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Except for being cautioned that we shouldn’t talk to the locals enjoying the beach around us, there was little to indicate that our location was just outside the Rason Special Economic Zone in the ...

News North Korea Rason: A look at the 3 Americans released by North Korea

Published on: Wednesday 08 May 2019
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According to North Korea’s state media, Kim, 64, ran a company in the North’s northeastern Rason special economic zone before his arrest on Oct. 2, 2015. He received a 10-year prison term with hard ...

News North Korea Rason: What is the extent of North Korea’s food shortage crisis?

Published on: Sunday 02 June 2019
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Traders selling seafood at an official marketplace in North Korea’s Rason City. Image: Daily NK file photo, 2014. The spread of marketization has changed the situation on the ground. The market is ...